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Arwym Starlight [userpic]
To transplant, or to not transplant...
by Arwym Starlight (arwym_starlight)
at April 29th, 2007 (07:27 pm)

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I just can't decide whether to transplant Lilith's head into a Licca body or not... I saw a cheap Licca body, without head, on sale at Ebay. $0.99, plus $5 or so of shipping. Although of course, there's a bid up. And therefore, there exists a chance of losing it or having to pay more than that, which I would find a bit unfair.
Finally, I am not sure of the body's skin tone. Maybe the tones are different, and how can I move Coco to a body that has a different skin tone from her head's?

Someone, PLEASE help me with this!


Posted by: pixiewildflower (pixiewildflower)
Posted at: April 30th, 2007 12:44 pm (UTC)

Why do you want to transplant her body hon? If the tones are different, I guess you could sand down and repaint the body.

Posted by: Arwym Starlight (arwym_starlight)
Posted at: April 30th, 2007 03:06 pm (UTC)

Oh sigh... I had just written a long and complicated reply, and this IE made it disappear... >.<

I will just make this again, but quick...

I was thinkinh of transplanting her to a Licca body because, according to most people, Coco only comes to life this way. The majority of the Coco dolls I see in photos have their own Licca bodies. I wonder what skin color they chose, or how they figured it out before buying a Licca, because some Licca dolls have tan-like skin, while others are very pale.

The Coco body is very fragile, indeed. The limbs soon begin to move easily, making it hard for the doll to stand in one postition for too long. This has begun to happen with Lilith, whose hands and one leg are already giving problems, plus her head is sometimes falling to one side of the body. I can rarely make her stand up alone, and it's hard to make her sit.

But I have started contemplating the idea of getting her an Obitsu body instead. These are easier, because the skin tone is specified in the product, and there are lots of accesories out there for them, due to their popularity among custom doll makers.
I would just have to make sure that I choose the right size. Probably 23 or 27 cm, I am not sure. And then get the money, heheh.

But what do you think? I'll eventually need a new body for Lilith, as you can see. :(

Posted by: pixiewildflower (pixiewildflower)
Posted at: April 30th, 2007 03:26 pm (UTC)

I know a lot of Pullip collectors switch to Obitsu bodies. I eventually hope to get one for Pixie. The neck piece usually needs to be sawed down for Pullips. My guess is the same for Cocos, though I don't own one. (I want one though!) A lot of Pullip collectors customize. Maybe you can talk to some of them. I haven't really done anything drastic yet, other than transplanting the body of one mini onto another, o I won't be much help!

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